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About Cliqkets

Cliqkets is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the ticketing process for event organizers. By leveraging our services, organizers can entrust us with promoting their events through our extensive network of promoters and influencers, as well as rely on us to handle ticket sales and manage access control during the event, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees and participants.
We provide valuable data and insights to event organizers, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding current and future events. To facilitate this seamless ticketing process, we have developed a user-friendly website and mobile applications that cater to three distinct user segments: Event Attendees: Our web and mobile app are specifically designed to assist individuals living in African cities in easily discovering exciting events taking place nearby. With our platform, attendees can confidently purchase tickets, ensuring they never miss out on captivating experiences. Event Promoters and Influencers: We offer a referral system and a comprehensive dashboard that enable promoters and influencers to leverage their networks effectively. This empowers them to promote event ticket sales while maintaining full visibility of their income, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. Event Organizers: Our web and mobile dashboard provides event organizers with a robust toolkit to host events and manage ticketing efficiently. With real-time data and analytics, organizers gain valuable insights that inform decision-making, allowing them to adapt and optimize ticket rollout according to changing circumstances. In addition, our dedicated mobile app caters to event experience and access control teams, enabling them to swiftly authenticate tickets, reducing wait times and queues. This also presents opportunities to create unique onboarding experiences that promote our brand and foster customer loyalty. At Cliqkets, we strive to provide a formal yet friendly platform that seamlessly connects event organizers, promoters, influencers, and attendees, ensuring an exceptional event experience for all stakeholders.
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