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How it Works

Sunset in the mountains

Cliqets for Organizers

  • Create, Manage & Sell Tickets for your events
  • Monitor & track ticket sales, get useful data,
    proceeds transferred to your Bank or MOMO Account.

Cliqets for Attendees

  • SignUp
  • Find Event of your choice
  • Purchase with MOMO account

Cliqets for Extra Cash

  • SignUp
  • Make money by sharing and talking about yoour favorite event
  • Manage and track your sale commission in real time
The Cliqkets platform is designed to make your life easier. Whether you’re an event organizer or an attendee, our platform is designed to make the entire ticketing process seamless.
To get started, event organizers can set up their event page with all the necessary details, including ticket types, time, location, and other important information. They can also customize their ticket types to suit their needs.
Attendees can then purchase tickets from the event page, which will be added to their account. The tickets can be easily transferred or resold, and all ticket holder data is securely stored.
On the day of the event, event organizers can use our real-time ticket scanning app and reporting feature to scan tickets at the door and track the progress of their event. After the event, they can access detailed reports to monitor their event’s performance.
At our event ticketing platform, we make sure that everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on creating great experiences for your attendees.